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Keep Your Home Safe for the Holidays


The holiday season is a time for family traditions and making new memories. People travel near and far to spend time with their families and exchange gifts. Unfortunately, it’s also a busy time of the year for burglars.  You may be leaving you and your home vulnerable to those looking for expensive electronics and valuable gifts without even realizing it.  But there are steps you can take to ensure your home is safe for the holidays.

BackSeat_Car_GiftsWhen you’re out shopping, make sure bags and boxes aren’t conspicuous from the outside looking in.  A backseat full of shopping bags could catch the eye of someone in the mall parking lot.

If shopping online, be sure to take steps to secure your personal information.  Don’t save log in information on your mobile phone, but store users names, passwords and other private information securely with the Master Lock Vault®

BigBolts_SafeMake sure your valuables and important documents are stored safely in a home safe.  Not only do they protect against the risk of theft, but many SentrySafe home safes protect against fire and flood too!

People are likely coming and going from your home throughout the holiday season.  Make sure all doors, windows and sliding glass doors are securely locked after guests depart.  Consider a Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar for additional security that’s quick and easy-to-use.

Be wary of updating social media platforms with your whereabouts.  You may be letting more than just your friends know about your holiday vacation plans, leaving your home vulnerable to theft.

Packages_At_DoorIf you are planning on going away, make sure you stop your mail, newspaper or other delivery services. If you have a neighbor coming to water your plants or taking care of an animal, consider storing your spare key in a key safe for easy-access to authorized users.

Burglaries can happen to anyone no matter how much you prepare, but the discovery of an alarm can be enough to deter a burglar.  Consider installing a security system and/or buying a home safe that has a loud audible alarm.

Cash, electronics and jewelry are often vulnerable to theft while traveling.  Keep them secure with a portable security safe you can tether securely like the SentrySafe Portable Digital Security Safe.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make sure your home and family are safe for the holidays.  Got other tips to help families have a safe and happy holiday season? Help us spread the word by sharing them on Facebook & Twitter using hashtag #safefortheholidays!