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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (November 8, 2012) – SentrySafe, the Rochester, N.Y.-based global leader in residential and small-office security storage fire-rated containers, today announced a strategic corporate realignment plan that includes almost $10 million of future capital investments in the company’s Rochester manufacturing operations over the next 2-3 years.

According to company officials, the investment will support growth and enhancements of its core product portfolio consisting of the Fire-Safe, Security Safe, Home Defense and Pistol Solution product lines. As part of the realignment, production of SentrySafe’s current Long Gun Safes and Gun Cabinets in Shanghai, China, will be discontinued. Today’s decision will not affect employment at the company’s Rochester headquarters.

The discontinuation of the gun safe and gun cabinet lines is part of a strategic move to place emphasis on those products that are core to the SentrySafe business. The $10 million investment will focus specifically on equipment enhancements, new product development and packaging for these core products. With the corporate realignment, SentrySafe will now produce 100 percent of its fire-resistant chests in Rochester, growing the company’s US manufactured products. Prior to the strategic shift, a very small portion of fire-resistant chests were manufactured in Shanghai.

“Our core products present the best opportunity for SentrySafe to continue to enhance our manufacturing operations in the U.S. and grow our business, right here in Rochester,” said Jim Brush, SentrySafe CEO. “By removing long gun safes and cabinets from our product portfolio, we maintain our current employment at our headquarters in Rochester and can focus on future innovations in the products that built our more than 80-year-old business.”

The discontinuation of long gun safes and gun cabinets will begin immediately and is expected to be fully transitioned by the first quarter of 2013.

“As we evaluate our future growth plans and analyze information gleaned from in-depth consumer research, we realize our core products offer the greatest opportunity for future success and customer satisfaction,” Brush said. “Based on this strategic realignment, we anticipate 2013 will be a strong year for SentrySafe and our customers as we look to develop innovative products that truly meet the growing consumer need for security solutions.”

Founded in 1930, SentrySafe is the world leader in offering fire-resistant and security storage solutions for important documents and valuables. A global presence, SentrySafe today produces more fire-resistant chests, files, safes, security storage containers and gun safes than any other company in the world. The company’s manufacturing headquarters is in Rochester, N.Y., and sales operations exist in the U.S., Canada, Japan and the UK. SentrySafe distributes products to more than 54 countries worldwide. SentrySafe employs more than 450, most of whom are located in the company’s headquarters. For more information, visit