Watch LIVE and WIN!!!

Could you use an extra thousand dollars? Do you like to watch things burn and or smash?

If the answer to either of those questions is YES! Then stop by our site tomorrow (6/29) at 11:00 AM (est). We are going to be doing a live burn of our 1.2 Cubic Foot Fire-Safe. That is how much we believe in our products and stand behind their performance. We are going to put 1750.00 in a safe, burn it for half an hour at over 1500 degrees and then drop it from 15 feet up. After all that torture we are going to pry it open and give away 1,000.00, 500.00 and 250.00 to the first three people that tweet a special hash tag on Twitter!

So if you like free money, burning and or smashing then be back here tomorrow (6/29) at 11:00 AM (est).

It’s going to be fun.


PS – In the meantime J.B. will keep you company.

2 thoughts on “Watch LIVE and WIN!!!

  1. How far back do your records go from The John and Brush co. Keep/Safe. i think our safe is from the 60″s.
    We wrote down the combo on the closet wall and now the house has been torn down. I would rather try to keep the safe (it was my grandparents before they gave it to me) than distroy it. It is more of a sentamental value than a need to keep the safe but i do have some documents that we need.

    1. Our records go back quite a ways, I passed this over to Customer Service. Someone will contact you via email.

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