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I have noticed a lot of Customer Service questions coming into the blog through the various posts that have been started on the Safe Zone. It is easy for questions and concerns to be lost in the shuffle that way. If you have questions about your products performance, warranty, or other customer service issues the best way to get results is to contact us directly. There is a full staff of highly trained and friendly customer service folks right here in Rochester NY waiting for your call at 1-800-828-1438. If you would like to contact us through electronic means every thing you need to know is on the Customer Care page of our website.

If you would like to post your questions here I will periodically put up a post like this and do my best to get them answered.

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  1. I bought a SentrySafe “waterproof” fire file, model HD4100 tonight. The carton it was in looked fine (no water damage), but when I removed the safe from the carton, the safe had about a cup of water sloshing around inside it. The paperwork inside was mush. I took the safe back to the store and traded it for another, but that one was wet inside, too. (Just wet — no liquid sloshing around.)
    That makes me wonder how “waterproof” this safe is going to be. Any guesses how both of these safes could get water inside them without getting the cardboard carton wet?
    Fred Roth

    1. Ironically the moisture trapped inside the HD4100 is actually a testament to the performance of the file. Once the lid is sealed no water gets in, but that means none can get out either. We aren’t joking when we say these units are waterproof. That’s why the box was still in tact and there was no water damage.

      The water is a byproduct of our manufacturing process, generally there is only a trace in any given unit. But we make a lot of files here and from time to time one sneaks out with water in it. It does not mean that the file is faulty and will not perform when you need it to. But that being said we want to be sure you are happy and confident in our product. If you would like us to replace the HD4100 just call our customer service line and we will get a new file sent out to you and issue a call tag to get the slightly damp unit back.

      I hope this helps solve the mystery.


  2. I recently purchased a “SENTRY 10-GUN DIGITAL LOCK SAFE/1100-DS” through Cabela’s Inc. Now, withing the first month and a half of owning it, the safe door is completely STUCK and will not open!!! My code is correct because I never changed it and every time I punch my digital code in, the safe dial pad lights up green next to “proceed” (instead of lighting red next to “error”). The safe’s handle simply will not turn. I have tried everything in the manual, on this website and everything I saw posted by Sentry safe owners on other sites-(apparently, alot of other owners have alot of problems with your safes and blog about it on other sites). Cabela’s Inc. can only tell me to call you, Sentry, the manufacturer. Meanwhile, I just had a locksmith tell me over the phone that he is not even sure how much money it will cost me to get this defective safe open. To make matters worse, I have well over $2,000 worth of guns stuck inside the safe. I have yet to be given any meaningful answers from calling your 1800 number.

    1. John,

      I am sorry you are having trouble with your Safe. I have passed your email on to our Customer Service folks and someone will be reaching out to you directly. We will get this straightened out for you.


  3. I purchased three years ago a Sentry FireSafe (model type CSW 5840 or CS 3803). I have misplaced my original instruction sheet and in particular do not know how to go about in changing the combination I originally pplaced to open. Could you please inform me as to how I can change my combination? The safe is open and I do have the original combination and key. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1. Robert,

      We have many of our manuals archived in the Customer Care section on our website. I looked them up for you and you can grab them from these links…

      CSW5840 –
      CSW3803 –

      Check these out and if they don’t answer your question give our friendly customer service agents a call and they will be able to help. The number is 1-800-828-1438.

      I hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help.


  4. Recently bought a safe and the batteries were going dead so i changed them and now my safe will not open. I put in the factory code and try my personal code both work but the safe will not open. It gives me 5 red lights and i have several important documents inside, including my car keys, rent money and jewerly and have to wait till moday before i can speak with someone to try to figure out whats wrong is bs.. Personally i think many of the fire safes are bs especially how they have batterys behind the key pad. Anyway i need this problem solved as soon as possible.

    1. I am very sorry you have had difficulty with one of our Safes. I have passed your email on to our folks in Customer Care department and they will be contacting you directly.


  5. Good Customer service, but fastest way to open your safe is call a locksmith.. that could take a week or so, so i would be very careful buying one of these digital fire safes..

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