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SHOT Show 2010

Hello out there, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Josh and I am new to Sentry®Safe and I will be your blogger and inside man here. I am looking forward to digging in and showing you all some of the exciting things that are happening at SentrySafe. I know what you are thinking, Safes? Exciting? I thought the same thing when I started and I can say there is a lot more going on in this organization than I ever expected and it is indeed very exciting stuff. The first big event I wanted to tell you about is coming direct from Las Vegas.

The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade show, more commonly known as SHOT Show is one of the most important events in the shooting sports and hunting industry. It is a place where companies come together to show off their latest and greatest products and hopefully get the buzz started for the upcoming year. The show attracts a wide range of dealers, enthusiasts and media from all over the world with attendance toping out at nearly 60,000 this year. It is quite an event, if you ever get a chance to go.

The mood of the event was upbeat. The shooting and hunting industry has been a bright spot in these otherwise troubled economic times. A lot of the companies in attendance reported positive signs that sales would remain strong into 2010.

Several years ago we began attending this event with our gun safe family of products. Our product offerings continue to provide innovation and quality. Something our consumers have come to expect.. This year at the show SentrySafe unveiled several new products that generated a great deal of excitement.

We unveiled a new 10-Gun FIRE-SAFE® Gun Safe. I will be talking more about this in a separate post over the next few days.

SentrySafe offered a “Locked & Loaded” special whereby the new 10-gun FIRE-SAFE gun safe was filled to the max with high-quality Hornady® ammunition and the person who guessed how many rounds were inside the safe will be winning the safe AND all of the ammunition. Additionally, there will be two more winners of just the 10-gun FIRE-SAFE gun safe. The winners will be announced May 1, 2010.

I know, I know a lot of folks out there couldn’t make it to the show and missed out on this exciting special. Well never fear! Everyone had so much fun we are going to do it again only this time you won’t need a plane ticket to Vegas to participate! Keep checking back in the spring or sign up for our newsletter for more details.

SHOT Show is always a great way for us to interact directly with our valuable partners and show them what we are up to and get them excited for the coming year. It is also a very exciting event to be a part of and one we look forward to every year.

I will be back in a few days with all the details on our latest 10-gun FIRE-SAFE gun safe.

Thanks for reading,