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Order SentrySafe’s New 250GB Hard Drive…Now Available Online!!

Sentry®Safe’s newest addition to its family of FIRE-SAFE® / Waterproof Hard Drives can now be ordered online from!

Designed to ensure unprecedented protection against fire, water, identity theft and other acts of nature, the new 250GB Hard Drive is ideal for individuals, small enterprises and home offices where safeguarding important data and documents can make the difference between catastrophic loss and uninterrupted “business as usual”.

The SentrySafe 250GB is compact, light weight, easy to install and simple to use. It comes complete with a USB 2.0 data/power cable that provides connectivity to virtually any laptop or desktop computer system.

And for additional peace of mind, the 250GB Hard Drive includes Sentry’s Fire and Water Data Recovery Support Program. In the event of a fire or water incident, Sentry will attempt to retrieve data from the hard drive, transfer the data to a new hard drive unit, and return the new hard drive to the customer…free of charge!

The Sentry®Safe 250GB Hard Drive…available immediately at Go to the Data and Document Security section to learn more.

The Smart Way To File Your Taxes

SentrySafe’s full line of security storage solutions makes it easy to organize all of your important financial documents. And thanks to SentrySafe’s unsurpassed fire and water protection, your documents are not only organized, they’re safe, making tax time a lot less taxing.

Your most important documents deserve the most secure protection.

  • Social Security numbers
  • Income records
  • Pensions & annuities info
  • Mortgage interest
  • Interest income statements
  • State & local income tax refunds


Click Here for a checklist of important documents you may need this tax season.