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Peace of Mind for a Lifetime

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At every point in our life we are creating memories that we wish we could bottle up and save.  Whether you’re moving into a new home, getting married, expecting a baby or even a grandchild, now is the perfect time to afford yourself a little peace of mind.   The things that matter most, they aren’t just hard to replace, they’re impossible.  From the drawing your child did just to say I love you or the picture of you in front of your new house, these are the memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  Make sure they’re safe to share with generations to come by storing them in a SentrySafe chest or file.

It’s peace of mind for a lifetime. 

Check out these ideas to help you keep your precious memories safe!  

Enter to Win!

Let us know what special memories you would keep safe in your SentrySafe file or chest, for a chance to win!  Visit the SentrySafe Facebook Page and post a picture of something sentimental you would protect under the Peace of Mind for a Lifetime post! We’ll choose a winner to receive a free SentrySafe Waterproof Fire-Resistant File 7/28/14 at 10 AM EST!

A New Generation of Safe


Keeping this secret has been hard, but I’m excited to officially announce the launch of OUR NEW LINE OF CHESTS AND FILES to all of you!  These safes have been redesigned with a sleek modern look and enhanced to offer 72 hours of fire protection.  The whole factory, here in Rochester, NY, has been buzzing with anticipation since the first set of prototypes came through the building. Now we’re excited to tell anyone and everyone about these fantastic new products!

So, I went around our main offices and manufacturing facility and asked everyone “What’s your favorite thing about the new line of chests and files?” And this is what they said….

Water“The significant improvement to the water protection!”– Josie Pagani, Product Manager

“It looks strong!”  –Tim Clausen,  Information Services

“The new thought and innovation that went into designing the product. It’s well integrated.” –Aaron Thorpe, Senior Designer

File_Packaging“Love the new handles.  Makes it easier to carry around.” –Carol Vitalone, Sales Associate

“The sexy curves on the new file!” –Christina Roushey, Product Engineer

“The honeycomb pattern is really cute!” –Betty Jeffries, Office Assistant

“The improved latching system makes it easier to open and close.” -Joe DiFrancesco & Dave Fischer, Model Shop Technicians

But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Check out these fantastic new products here:


Join us July 14th for a Chance to Win $1000!

Safe in a Fire Blog Post

Summer means flowers, sunshine, barbeques and if you work at SentrySafe… burning things!  That’s right it’s time for another live burn!  We’re celebrating our new line of chests and files by sending one to the furnace filled with cash!

Join us Monday, July 14th starting at 11:30 AM EST for your chance to win up to $1000 and other great prizes!  We’ll be starting with a Twitter Party with @TheSurvivalMom.  You’ll get great tips on disaster prep and learn how to guard your home against fire—with the chance to win some of our fantastic new products!  Then at 12:00 we’ll be inviting you to watch live from the SentrySafe website as we load one of our new products with cash and set it on fire! You’ll get a sneak peek at our new line of chests and files and the CHANCE TO WIN $1000!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

To participate use #safeinafire in all your tweets and watch the live burn at   We’ll see you then!

SentrySafe Demonstrates Industry Innovation at National Hardware Show

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This week SentrySafe is traveling to Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show. With two new product lines, SentrySafe is proving once again to be an industry leader. Based on consumer feedback, SentrySafe has modernized our products to give them sleek designs and increased security protection. It’s just another way SentrySafe continues to make products to fit your life and create peace of mind for the items most important to you, your family and your home.

SentrySafe developed the first fire-resistant safe over 80 years ago. Since then we’ve been supplying affordable protection to our customers all over the world. Now we’re releasing new rugged designs to our chests and files for the modern home.

SentrySafe is also releasing a fire-resistant safe equipped with an audible alarm to alert you when your safe is being moved or pried open. It’s the next level of protection for those concerned with theft.

We’re proud to add these new products to our full line of safes, all being displayed at the National Hardware Show. For those visiting the show, come join us for a sneak peek at these great new products at booth 6621. Not at the show? Stay tuned this week. We’ll be revealing more about these new additions throughout the week.

SentrySafe Helps #KeepEarthSafe

SentrySafe works hard to come up with new ways to lower our impact on the environment. Tell us how you pitch in to help keep our earth safe on Twitter using #keepearthsafe for a chance to win a fire-resistant safe.  A winner will announced on Twitter Friday April 25th at 10 AM EST!

SentrySafe creates peace of mind around the world by providing people a reliable way to protect the things that matter most to them and their family. But there are things we wish we could protect that don’t really fit in a safe—like our environment. That’s why SentrySafe extends our commitment, not only in the products we make, but the way we make them.

You’ve probably heard that replacing the lights in your home with a more energy efficient light bulb can help you protect the environment, but you may wonder just what type of impact a little light can have? In our case, it’s a small change with a big impact on how much we affect the environment. When we installed LED lights in our warehouses and parking lots, we achieved a huge energy savings. Between these facilities, SentrySafe saved approximately 150,584 kwh per year and reduced an average of 150 kw a day with the new lighting and controls put in place. This will help SentrySafe to reduce carbon emissions by roughly 106 metric tons a year. That’s the same as taking 22 passenger vehicles off the road or the electricity used in about 16 homes in one year!

Last year, SentrySafe also reconfigured our chilled water system including the installation of a larger buffer tank. These changes saved more than 98,800 kwh and 15.8 kw and reduced approximately 69.7 metric tons of carbon emissions annually. That’s the same amount of emissions created by consuming 162 barrels of oil!

Recycling is also a huge part of the SentrySafe culture! It’s a clear solution for reducing our contribution to landfills and emissions created by incinerators. Last year SentrySafe recycled approximately 341,447 lbs. of plastic, 3,112,340 lbs. of metal, 303,440 lbs. of cardboard and 6,033 gallons of oil/coolant!

So now that you know some of the things we did last year to help protect our environment, we want to know what did you do? Join us on Twitter using #keepearthsafe to tell us one thing you did last year to help the environment for a chance to win a fire-resistant safe! We’ll announce a winner Friday April 25th at 10:00 AM EST