Monthly Archives: April 2013

Happy Earth Day!

SentrySafe is committed to protecting the things that matter most to you, including the environment.  It’s our aim to leave our world as beautiful as it was over 80 years ago when we first started here in Rochester, NY.  We constantly are looking for new ways to decrease our impact on the environment and we’re making new strides every year!  Here are just some of our most recent efforts.

In 2012, SentrySafe installed a solar panel system onto the roof of our Rochester manufacturing facility.  The 12kW solar array is expected to produce 15,514 kWh of electricity annually, reducing our carbon-base emissions by roughly 31,000 lbs per year!

Last year, SentrySafe also installed a steel crusher.  It’s completely covered and it protects scrap steel from rain and snow helping to eliminate runoff into our storm water drainage system.  In addition, the steel crusher has helped up reduce the number of disposal pickups needed for our scrap steel from 14 runs a week to only 2!  We estimate the reduction in transportation reduces our diesel fuel consumption by more than 2,000 gallons a year!

Recycling has been a big part of business here at SentrySafe and last year was no exception.  We recycled over 3,500,000 lbs in metal, 250,000 lbs of plastic, 300,000 lbs of cardboard last year alone!

We’ve continued our efforts in 2013 and pledge to always look for new ways to improve.  It’s a promise you know you can count on, because when you need someone to protect the things that matter most to you, you know you can depend on SentrySafe.