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Never Forget Your Combination Again!

These days we all seem to be carrying around hundreds of passwords, combinaitons and keys. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track, especially when it’s a combination you don’t use all the time. We’re all human and these things happen. But when we’re talking about accessing your important documents and valuables, forgetting your combination can become an especially frustrating and potentially scary moment. You want to make sure you can get what you need, when you need it, and so do we.

It’s one of the many reasons to create a MySentrySafe Profile. It allows you to easily register and store information about all your SentrySafe products in one place. So, now you can quickly look up and reference owner’s manuals for answers to FAQs. You can store combinations securely, making them easy to look up and helping you avoid the processing fees and affidavits previously required to recover a combination.

And if that weren’t enough reason right there, until the end of the year, we’ll be randomly selecting one registered MySentrySafe Profile to receive a Combination Water/Fire Resistant Safe every month! So what are you waiting for?! Get started today or find out more information at

SentrySafe Spotted on Good Morning America

We’ve been saying it for years! A water/fire-resistant safe is an essential part of any closet makeover! Not only does it help you keep you organized but it’s keeps your important documents and valuables safe from fire, flood and theft. Check out this video for tips from Good Morning America on how to give your closet a makeover to get your family organized and your valuables protected.

Real Testimonials Read by SentrySafe Employees

It’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve worked hard to help someone else.  In our humble opinion, few work harder than the manufacturers at our Rochester, NY factory.  They give it their all every day, but they are not just making a product.  They’re building protection that we truly hope you and your family will never need, but will be glad you have in the event of a fire.  So we had our employees read some of the many testimonials that we receive here at SentrySafe.  Because it’s always nice to know that someone, somewhere appreciated the hard work and care you’ve put into your job.

#GetOrganized Twitter Party with The Joyful Organizer

How is that New Year’s resolution coming?  You know the one where you promised yourself you would clean out the garage, put your photos and documents in a safe place, and just generally get your home and family a little more organized this year.  Not so well?  You’re not alone.  Almost 80% of New Year’s resolutions aren’t kept.  But there’s still time to get yourself back on track!

Join us (@SentrySafe) February 7th at 7:30 PM EST on Twitter with The Joyful Organizer (@thejoyfulorg) to learn great tips to get yourself back on the road to home organization.  You’ll also have the chance to win great SentrySafe products to help you keep your important documents and valuables safe from fire, flood and theft.  Just remember to use the hash tag #getorganized to follow along the conversation.

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