SentrySafe joining Congresswoman Louise Slaughter…

For over 80 years SentrySafe has been committed to keeping our manufacturing presence here in Rochester NY. We are very proud of our legacy of American manufacturing, but there is no doubt that it has been a challenge to remain competitive in this global market. In an era where other local institutions have buckled under the pressure of foreign competitors and where competition has moved operations overseas, we have maintained and grown the majority of our manufacturing here in Western NY.

That is why SentrySafe joined Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY-28), representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and local employers who rely on the Port of Rochester to announce that public and private funding will be used to dredge the Port making it accessible once again to ships and barges bringing in raw materials relied upon by local businesses. “The situation has reached a crisis point,” said Slaughter. “If the channel isn’t dredged this spring, companies like Essroc who rely on the Port may not be able to get a small barge up to the basin and that costs them business. Both the environmental and economic impact of such a situation would be dire. This channel is Rochester’s gateway to greater seaways and vitally important to local employers.”

We couldn’t agree more. Our Senior VP of Operations, Steve Barry, was on hand to speak about how critical this port is to our business. “SentrySafe is proud to manufacture in Rochester, NY for over 80 years. For over 40 of those years we have worked with Essroc to get one of the major components used in the manufacturing of our product. There have been obstacles over the years, but we’ve been smart about how we’ve built and grown our business. Challenges like these make it difficult to remain competitive with other companies sourcing products from overseas. That is why the work Congresswoman Slaughter is doing is so important.”

It’s a struggle that not only SentrySafe faces, but manufacturers across the nation, and an obstacle we remain committed to overcome.  However, the power for change really lies with you, the consumer.  Your support of American manufacturers helps to keep jobs, important to American families, in our nation.  So when you’re out in the store, remember to do your part by looking for Made in America options, and we’ll continue to do ours, here in Rochester.