Keep Hunting!

Black Friday is behind us, but the hunt goes on!

We are so excited by all you Scavenger Hunters that have been scanning SentrySafe QR codes in stores across the country. The response has been fantastic. We have given away some great prizes but there are still plenty more where those came from.

Keep looking for our products and find the ones with QR codes. They don’t all have them, but the codes are out there. (Here is a hint, look for something with 60% Bigger Bolts or maybe something waterproof.)

You can scan as many times on as many days as you want. You never know when or where you might be a winner!

While you’re there maybe consider picking up a Safe. They really do make the perfect gift.

Happy Hunting,


PS – For our friends out there who don’t have the right phone or are just having a bad technology day we still have a way for you to enter for our Grand Prize. Just use our Memorable Gift Giver and you can enter at the end.

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