Monthly Archives: November 2011

Win Instantly with our QR Code Scavenger Hunt!

All right Holiday Shoppers, listen up! We often talk about how important it is to protect your important and irreplaceable family photos and memories in one of our Safes. This year we want to help you make new memories. All you have to do is go find our product in your favorite store and scan one of our QR codes with your smart phone and you could WIN INSTANTLY! We are giving away products, ME911 Subscriptions, Gift Cards to Travelocity and a grand prize of $1,000.00 dollars in air fare from Continental Airlines!

It is so easy! Find a Code, Scan a Code and WIN! Go, right now and find one! You could be winning, what are you waiting for!?

Happy Holidays,


Safe in a Fire 2

For those of you that missed our live streaming burn event last month we have a recap video available. It was a great time, we burned one of our new 1.2 Cubic Foot Big Bolts Fire-Safes live, gave away great prizes (some of which we burned in the safe!) and had some fantastic guest stars. Thanks to all who participated and to those that missed it, never fear. We will be firing up the oven again when the snow melts here in Rochester NY.

Keep it Safe.


Big Bolts: Featured in Wired Magazine!

We have been so excited by the response to the Big Bolts product launch. Users love our new Safe, Bloggers can’t stop talking about it and now we are featured in Wired Magazine! Wired is a favorite magazine around the office here, and we could not be more excited to see our product featured as the opening product in the Home Security section of their Fall Test.

Here is their review, “With an insulated steel frame and four 1-inch-think bolts, this safe will protect your valueables from crowbars and house fires… The 1.2 cubic foot interior is deceptivly roomy and broad enough for a tablet to lie flat. White LEDs illuminate the inside like a refrigerator.”

It’s a great little review. Look for it in the November issue on stands now!