Big Bolts: Watch, Learn and WIN!

Well it is finally here! We teased it during our “Safe in a Fire” event and showed a sneak peak at the level of performance you can expect from our latest innovation. As the product has begun to filter into stores across the country we thought it was time to start talking turkey and dig into the details of this exciting new Big Bolts Fire-Safe.

All week here on the Safe Zone some friends and I will be talking about the Big Bolts Fire-Safe. We have some world-class experts, the team that designed the Safe and regular folks who use it coming to give us their insights into how they use the Big Bolts Fire-Safe to protect and organize the important things in their homes and offices. There will be tips and tricks you may find useful and prizes to boot.

If you want to learn more about the upgrades in usability and security features this Safe offeres check out the Big Bolts section of our site. There is interactive product information to give you the low down on the product.

The video section has new walk-through videos that showcase all the new features and peril protection of the Big Bolts Fire-Safe. Though I must say the on-screen talents seems questionable ;)

The Giveaways Section gives you a chance to WIN a New Big Bolts Safe every week for the month of August!

Last but not least keep checking the Where to Buy for the latest information on which stores are carrying our new Big Bolts Fire safe!

Thanks so much for checking out our latest product. A lot of folks on the team here at SentrySafe have worked very hard to create the best 1.2 Cubic Foot Fire-Safe we have ever produced. We think you’ll agree, we succeeded.

Be Safe,