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SentrySafe partners with Tax Girl for Twitter Tax Talk

As Tax Day approaches, SentrySafe is teaming up with Tax Girl to answer those last-minute tax questions. Join us on Twitter this Wednesday, from 7-8 p.m. CST as we co-host a Twitter Tax Talk with Kelly Phillips Erb – the tax expert behind Tax Girl.

Here’s how you can join the conversation:

  • Follow @SentrySafe and @TaxGirl on Twitter
  • Use the hashtag #taxsavvy in your tweets between 7-8 p.m. on Wednesday

We will be providing tax tips and answering questions during that time. Three lucky participants will also win an official SentrySafe Tax Preparation Kit, so don’t miss out!

You can find official contest rules here.

And don’t forget to keep your taxes and other financial documents safe and organized in your favorite SentrySafe product.

Made in the USA…

According to ABC news, if every American allocated $64.00 a week from their budget to buy products Made in the USA our economy would create 200,000 new jobs this year. Imagine what would happen if we all spent $164.00, or $264.00?

ABC’s Made in America reporting has sparked national dialogue about how important it is to support our fellow American’s hard work. ABC has a great map showing what products Americans are making across the country. Buying Made in the USA products is something we can all do that can have a real impact on our country. It’s a positive influence that will be felt in your local community and across the US. It’s a simple fact the more Americans we have working the better.

It’s something SentrySafe has believed in since it was founded in Rochester, NY in 1930 by John D. Brush. Over the last 81 years the company has remained in Rochester NY. It’s no small thing to be a manufacturer not just working, but thriving in Western NY. It has been and always will be our commitment to manufacture as many products as we can right here in Rochester. None of our distinguished competition can make the same claim. In fact, we are doing a pilot run of a major new product launch, right here in Rochester, that will be hitting the stores this summer.

We have hundreds of folks working hard designing, building and shipping products that go all over the country. We’re proud of the work we do here, and proud that we have been able to build this company right here in Rochester NY. Every time you buy one of our products you support us and keep us working. We’re building the products that keep the important things in your life safe from theft, fire and water damage and we thank you for the opportunity.

So about that $64.00, may I suggest a safe?

Be Safe,