SHOT Show 2011: Day 3

The show goes on in Vegas and so our coverage of our new Home Defense products continues here on the Safe Zone. Yesterday we talked about the Home Defense Center. Today we are going to take a closer look at the Quick Access Pistol Safe.

We are not the first to create a pistol safe, there many on the market. But we looked carefully at our distinguished competition and listened to hand gun owners from across the country and have developed a very compelling new product.

Our Quick Access Pistol Safe integrates in the zero feedback electronic lock technology from the Home Defense Center. It creates quick, quiet access into the safe. Once the code is punched in the compression gas strut quietly opens the door for you. It allows for one-handed access even in a confined space like a nightstand drawer.

The Quick Access Pistol Safe is made of a heavy-gauge steel and has a patent pending Pry Resistant door design. It can also be bolted down.

This is another great addition to our product line that offers quick, quiet access when you need it and a piece of mind that your hand gun is secure when you don’t. This new model was designed, engineered and will be manufactured in Rochester NY. Look for it in early summer.

Be Safe.