SHOT Show 2011: Day 2

It was another busy day at SHOT Show.  We have met so many great people, seen some crazy new things and talked to a lot of folks about our new Home Defense products. Yesterday I touched on the new products we are launching at the show and promised a more in depth look. Over the next few days will be showing, or linking to videos and reviews from a lot of different folks that came to the booth over the last few days.

But I won’t leave you all hanging in the meantime. Lets take a closer look at the star of the show and what we humbly believe is the most innovative Safe shown at the show this year. The new Home Defense Center is designed to be a game changer for personal defense. In our user research we uncovered a need for a smaller, more discreet unit that offers quick, easy and quiet access to select firearms. With that in mind we added a few other goals into the mix. We wanted it to be affordable and we wanted to make it in the USA at our factory in Rochester NY.

With that the team went to work and delivered in a big way. Let’s walk through some of the features of the unit…

Home Security experts recommend keeping your keys, cell phone, a flashlight and other personal items you would want in an emergency in the same place every night. Our unit offers an integrated personal defense tray built into the top of the unit, that way you know where your critical personal items are should you need them.

Getting in is easy with our new zero-feedback electronic lock. It’s easily programmable and offers a simple touch pad to get you in the unit quickly.  There is also a manual override key should you forget to replace the batteries or want to change the combination.

Once you turn the ergonomic handle the solid steel, one-inch security bolts slide quietly out of place. The key word to all this is quiet, whisper quiet in fact. All the moving parts have been specially engineered to be very smooth and virtually silent.

I am sure that by now you have noticed the unique corner design. This allows the unit to be stored discreetly in a corner or placed in a closet full of clothes and not is in the way. It also creates the wide berth door on the Home Defense Center opens to 180 degrees offering full access to the interior of the safe. The Door also offers a patent pending Pry Resistant design.

The pistol is held in a specially designed cradle for at the ready presentation.  The rifle is held in our new barrel containment system that keeps the rifle ready to pull and because of the wide berth door you don’t have to worry about clanging your rifle on the edges of the unit.

All of these features combine to make a one of the most innovative safes we have ever made, and certainly the most exciting safe unveiled at SHOT Show this year. The Home Defense Center got a lot of attention over the last couple days and there will be a lot of reviews and videos coming. We will be sure to share those as they come out here on the Safe Zone.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the show, and for all the support.

Be Safe.