SHOT Show 2011: Closing thoughts….

The show is almost over, in fact for me it is over. I am writing this as I bounce around in the air somewhere over the Rocky Mountains… I am not sure when I got off the plane and on to a rollercoaster, ugh.

I have said before SentrySafe is a very unique company to work for. They recognize and encourage good ideas from any and every level of the company. The Home Defense Center is a perfect example of that philosophy in action. The Idea for the product came from our National Accounts Manager for Shooting Sports Matt Sobolewski who is an avid hunter and shooter. He identified a need for this product in his own home.

Our product team looked into the concept carefully and Scott Alread our Gun Safe product manager reached out to shooters and hunters and it turned out they were on to something. A lot of gun owners had been looking for a solution like this. That’s when our engineers and designers got to work and created the product we have been talking about so much over the past few days.

All this happened at SentrySafe’s home base in Rochester NY. This product was designed by American workers and will be built by them as well. It’s no small thing these days to be a manufacturer that has not only survived but grown and even added jobs.

We have been gratified and energized by the response to our new products. Because to the folks on our team these are not just products, these are hours of hard work, dedication and a tradition of American excellence that started with the company’s founder John D Brush over 80 years ago.

These are good people that I am thankful to work with. We appreciate all your support and patronage.

Be Safe.