Get a Safe for the Holidays…

Since I have started working at SentrySafe I have had a lot of friends say to me “Wow, I should get one of those.” It is really easy to think life’s unexpected tragedies happen to someone else. It is your neighbors house that burns down, it is your cousin’s house that gets burglarized or your friends basement that floods. But these things can happen to any of us at any time.

That is why I will be giving a few Safes to family and friends this holiday season. You can give a great gift and just for taking care of those that matter most to you we are sharing a little extra something too. With the purchase of select SentrySafe models we will be giving up to a $40.00 gift card to Groupon absolutely free. To see which models are featured click here are see our Gift Guide…

Why Groupon you ask? (For those of you out there not familiar with Groupon check this link out.) Well first it is a very unique service. It gives you really steep discounts to your favorite local businesses and nationwide brands. Whether it is $50.00 for a $100.00 Gift Card at the Gap or $30.00 dollars off your favorite local restaurant, Groupon has something for everyone.

Second, we love it. There are a bunch of us here at SentrySafe who use Groupon every week. We are big fans and think it is something our customers would enjoy as much as we do.

This Holiday Season give piece of mind to your friends and family, and get a little something extra from your friends at SentrySafe.

Thanks for your support and patronage.


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