Talking with the Team: Pink 1100

I am fortunate to work with some dedicated and passionate folks here at SentrySafe. People who work hard to develop the latest innovations that will keep your life in order and safe from the unexpected. As a new semi-regular feature here on the Safe Zone will be talking with some of these folks and giving them a chance to share their dedication and passion.  Susan Glenz is one of our Product Managers here and it’s from her passion and commitment to the cause of Breast Cancer awareness that the Pink 1100 was brought to market. I sat with Susan for a few minutes to talk about everyone’s favorite pink Fire-Safe…

How did you come up with the idea for the Pink 1100?

SentrySafe is a family owned business that gives back to the community in many ways. I wanted a way to give back through our products. Some people may ask, “How  at all does a pink safe relate to breast cancer awareness?” To me, the connection is simple: We make products that provide protection for our important & irreplaceable things. There is nothing more irreplaceable than the people in our lives. The pink safe connects the two allowing you to protect your things while helping others as well.

I forgot to mention pink is my favorite color and I wanted to share it with the world!

Do you have a personal connection to the cause?

Like many of my friends & colleagues, I have had close family members affected by cancer. I know what it is like to watch someone close to you fight the disease day in and day out. What strikes me the most is how they never give up hope, which is why we need to do all we can to promote awareness and support research & hopefully one day we will find a cure.

Tell us a little about the Safe?

It’s very pink! Not only is it a great color but it also provides the same level of fire protection SentrySafe is known for. It is perfect for storing important documents like financial records, titles & deeds and passports. It also protects digital media in a fire so you can back up your photos, songs and home movies on an external hard drive, flash drive or CD. My favorite part about this safe is that a portion of the proceeds will benefit breast cancer research.

Were there challenges in getting out to the public?

As with any new product launch, we did face some challenges in bringing this safe to market because there are always unknowns when trying something new & different. Our main concern initially was consumer acceptance because it is such a unique color for a safe. We knew from speaking with consumers it was a good idea but we weren’t sure if it would have mass appeal. With support from our retail & online partners as well as all of the social media available today, we were able to spread the word about the product & it has done very well. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has helped us donate to the cause!

Thanks Susan for your time and thanks to everyone out there for reading and supporting the cause of Breast Cancer Research.

Be Safe,