SentrySafe employees LIVE UNITED for local United Way

For decades SentrySafe has supported its local United Way’s annual campaign. Jim Brush, CEO of SentrySafe, has been a longtime United Way board member and this year is leading the campaign. As Campaign Chair, Brush has donated his time and resources to helping the United Way meet its 2009 fundraising goals.

“Given the economic challenges facing our community today, I am encouraging our SentrySafe employees to consider joining the thousands of others who have chosen to support the United Way,” said Brush. “SentrySafe has been dedicated to the United Way of Greater Rochester for many years as we ask our company to not only support the non-profit financially, but to advocate among donors and to volunteer more.”

On March 13, 2009, SentrySafe kicked-off its annual United Way fundraising campaign. This year, SentrySafe hopes to raise $178,000 for the United Way’s 2009 LIVE UNITED campaign. While SentrySafe acknowledges that fundraising this year may be difficult, the company has created fun and engaging opportunities for employees to support the organization beyond monetary results. Some include a company-wide auction with items such as refurbished laptops, desktops, printers, safes, and golf items, along with a great deal of other products, a 50/50 raffle and a Day of Caring. The Day of Caring provides an opportunity for teambuilding as employees donate their time to work on a community project together. The owners also are once again providing incentives for employees to donate by matching any increase in gifts from its employees, by establishing prizes for returning pledge forms early and by offering a day off for first-time gifts of $500 or more.

The United Way of Greater Rochester is just one of the many community non-profit organizations SentrySafe supports. Over the years, the United Way has focused on a prevention as well as intervention model, funding programs that assist those currently affected as well as those that attack root causes—and will spare others future suffering. The
United Way supports solutions that go beyond a quick fix and offer people the opportunity to rebuild and change their lives. SentrySafe is proud to support such a world class agency with a long legacy of success. Together, when SentrySafe, its employees and the community LIVE UNITED, a real difference will be made.