Sentry®Safe Data & Document Security Products Are Available Online!

Sentry®Safe’s new data and document security products are available online! Designed to ensure unprecedented protection against fire, water, identity theft and other acts of nature, these multi-purpose data and document security solutions are ideal for individuals, small enterprises and home offices where safeguarding valuables and important documents – both hardcopy and electronic – can make the difference between catastrophic loss and uninterrupted “business as usual”.

Purchase Sentry®Safe data and document security Products online! Visit the Data and Document Security section of to learn more about our:

FIRE-SAFE® Waterproof Hard Drive
80 GB (Model QA0002)
160 GB (Model QA0004)

FIRE-SAFE® Waterproof Data Storage Chest
(Model QA0121)

FIRE-SAFE® Water Resistant Safe
1.2 cu. ft. (Model QE4531)
2.0 cu. ft. (Model QE5541)

FIRE-SAFE® Waterproof CD/DVD File
(Model QA0110)